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Modeled Curator

This is a strongly typed DSL that allows you to map a Curator-style client to:

  • A ZooKeeper path (supporting parameterized substitutions)
  • A serializer for the data stored at the path
  • Options for how nodes should be created (sequential, compressed data, ttl, etc.)
  • ACLs for the nodes at the path
  • Options for how to delete nodes (guaranteed, deleting children, etc.)

For example:

ModeledFramework<Foo> modeled = ModeledFramework.wrap(client, fooModelSpec);
modeled.set(new Foo());

This ModeledFramework instance knows the path to use, how to serialize the "Foo" instance, which create options and ACLs to use, etc.

Background and Usage

Note: To use Modeled Curator, you should be familiar with Java 8's lambdas, CompletedFuture and CompletionStage. You should also be familiar with Curator Async as Modeled Curator is based on it.

Modeled Curator consists of the components:

Additional functionality is provided by:


A complete example usage of Modeled Curator along with CachedModeledFramework and Typed Parameter Templates can be found here:


For more details see: