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Node Cache


A Node Cache is used to watch a ZNode. Whenever the data is modified or the ZNode is deleted, the Node Cache will change its state to contain the current data (or null if ZNode was deleted).

Participating Classes

  • NodeCache
  • NodeCacheListener
  • ChildData


Creating a NodeChildrenCache

public NodeCache(CuratorFramework client,
                         String path)
client - the client
path - path to cache

General Usage

The cache must be started by calling start(). Call close() when you are through with the cache.

At any time, call getCurrentData() to get the current state of the cache. You can also register to be notified when a change occurs by calling getListenable() and then:

public void addListener(NodeCacheListener listener)
     Add a change listener
listener - the listener

Error Handling

NodeCache instances internally monitor a ConnectionStateListener.