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Curator Cache

Note: CuratorCache requires ZooKeeper 3.6+.


A utility that attempts to keep the data from a node locally cached. Optionally the entire tree of children below the node can also be cached. Will respond to update/create/delete events, pull down the data, etc. You can register listeners that will get notified when changes occur.

Participating Classes

  • CuratorCache
  • CuratorCacheListener
  • ChildData


Creating a CuratorCache client, String path, Options... options)

client - the client
path - path to watch
options - empty or one or more options

Note: there is a builder factory available for additional options when building the cache instance. See CuratorCacheBuilder for details.

General Usage

The cache must be started by calling start(). Call close() when you are through with the cache.

At any time, call the various accessor methods to get the current state of the cache. You can also register to be notified when a change occurs by calling listenable() and then registering a listener for events.

See the examples for an example usage.

Error Handling

CuratorCache instances internally monitor connection losses, etc. automatically rebuilding the cache on reconnection.