Class OperationTrace


public class OperationTrace extends Object
Used to trace the metrics of a certain Zookeeper operation.
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • setReturnCode

      public OperationTrace setReturnCode(int returnCode)
    • setRequestBytesLength

      public OperationTrace setRequestBytesLength(long length)
    • setRequestBytesLength

      public OperationTrace setRequestBytesLength(String data)
    • setRequestBytesLength

      public OperationTrace setRequestBytesLength(byte[] data)
    • setResponseBytesLength

      public OperationTrace setResponseBytesLength(long length)
    • setResponseBytesLength

      public OperationTrace setResponseBytesLength(byte[] data)
    • setPath

      public OperationTrace setPath(String path)
    • setWithWatcher

      public OperationTrace setWithWatcher(boolean withWatcher)
    • setStat

      public OperationTrace setStat( stat)
    • getName

      public String getName()
    • getReturnCode

      public int getReturnCode()
    • getLatencyMs

      public long getLatencyMs()
    • getRequestBytesLength

      public long getRequestBytesLength()
    • getResponseBytesLength

      public long getResponseBytesLength()
    • getSessionId

      public long getSessionId()
    • getPath

      public String getPath()
    • isWithWatcher

      public boolean isWithWatcher()
    • getStat

      public getStat()
    • commit

      public void commit()