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ZooKeeper Version Compatibility

While ZooKeeper 3.5.x is still considered "beta" by the ZooKeeper development team, the reality is that it is used in production by many users. However, ZooKeeper 3.4.x is also used in production. Prior to Apache Curator 4.0, both versions of ZooKeeper were supported via two versions of Apache Curator. Starting with Curator 4.0 both versions of ZooKeeper are supported via the same Curator libraries.

ZooKeeper 3.5.x

  • Curator 4.0 has a hard dependency on ZooKeeper 3.5.x
  • If you are using ZooKeeper 3.5.x there's nothing additional to do - just use Curator 4.0

ZooKeeper 3.4.x

Curator 4.0 supports ZooKeeper 3.4.x ensembles in a soft-compatibility mode. To use this mode you must exclude ZooKeeper when adding Curator to your dependency management tool.




compile('org.apache.curator:curator-recipes:$curatorVersion') {

You must add a dependency on ZooKeeper 3.4.x also.

Curator will detect which ZooKeeper library is in use and automatically set ZooKeeper 3.4 compatibility mode as needed. In this mode, all features not supported by 3.4 are disabled. It is up to your application code to "do the right thing" and not use these features. Use the isZk34CompatibilityMode() method to determine which mode Curator is using at runtime.