Class CloseableUtils


public class CloseableUtils extends Object
This class adds back functionality that was removed in Guava v16.0.
  • Constructor Details

    • CloseableUtils

      public CloseableUtils()
  • Method Details

    • closeQuietly

      public static void closeQuietly(Closeable closeable)

      This method has been added because Guava has removed the closeQuietly() method from Closeables in v16.0. It's tempting simply to replace calls to closeQuietly(closeable) with calls to close(closeable, true) to close Closeables while swallowing IOExceptions, but close() is declared as throws IOException whereas closeQuietly() is not, so it's not a drop-in replacement.

      On the whole, Guava is very backwards compatible. By fixing this nit, Curator can continue to support newer versions of Guava without having to bump its own dependency version.