Interface GuaranteeableDeletable

All Superinterfaces:
Backgroundable<ErrorListenerPathable<Void>>, BackgroundPathable<Void>, BackgroundVersionable, Guaranteeable<ChildrenDeletable>, Pathable<Void>, Versionable<BackgroundPathable<Void>>
All Known Subinterfaces:
DeleteBuilder, DeleteBuilderMain
All Known Implementing Classes:

public interface GuaranteeableDeletable extends Guaranteeable<ChildrenDeletable>, BackgroundVersionable

Solves this edge case: deleting a node can fail due to connection issues. Further, if the node was ephemeral, the node will not get auto-deleted as the session is still valid. This can wreak havoc with lock implementations.

When guaranteed is set, Curator will record failed node deletions and attempt to delete them in the background until successful. NOTE: you will still get an exception when the deletion fails. But, you can be assured that as long as the CuratorFramework instance is open attempts will be made to delete the node.