Curator RPC Proxy


Curator RPC Proxy is in its own package in Maven Central: curator-x-rpc

What Is a Curator RPC?

The Curator RPC module implements a proxy that bridges non-java environments with the Curator framework and recipes. It uses Apache Thrift which supports a large set of languages and environments.

The benefits of Curator RPC are:

  • Gives access to Curator to non JVM languages/environments
    • Curator has become the de-facto JVM client library for ZooKeeper
    • Curator makes using Apache ZooKeeper much easier
    • Curator contains well-tested recipes for many common ZooKeeper usages
  • Organizations can unify their ZooKeeper usage across languages/environments (i.e. use Curator's Service Discovery recipe)
  • The quality of ZooKeeper clients for some non-JVM languages is lacking
  • There are Thrift implementations for a large number of languages/environments

Thrift File

The current Curator RPC Thrift File can be found here: Use this to generate code for the language/environment you need.


See the Deployment Page for details on deploying the RPC proxy.


See the Usage Page for details on using the RPC proxy.


See Configuration for details on configuring the RPC proxy.


See Events for details on the Curator RPC event loop and its structure.


See API Reference Page for the API reference.

Special thanks to the Facebook Swift project which makes writing a Java Thrift server much easier.